Tip insert designed to snap in to and out of handles JNT-BH-blk and JNT-BH-org (handles sold separately)


Starting Unit Price: $2.29
In Stock
Part Number:JNT-T.5C
  • Length:5"
  • Tips:1
  • Tip Width:1/2"
  • Thickness:3/16"
  • Plastic:Celcon
  • Color:Red
  • Boeing Approved Material:Yes
  • Part IDs:JNT-T.5C
Quantity Price Breaks
  • 5 - 245
  • $2.29
  • 250
  • $1.67
  • 500+
  • $1.47

We are the creator of a user-friendly handle and scraper tip product.
Our scraper tips are designed to conveniently snap in to our handles JNT-BH-org and JNT-BH-blk.
Our JNT-T.5C scraper tip is made of the same quality red Celcon plastic as our JNT411B60 and JNT411B90, which are Boeing Approved.
Celcon is a more chemically resistant plastic when working with solvents.  This scraper tip measures 5" long with 1/2" wide tip.

Note: DO NOT use without our handle.

See our other 1/2” wide scraper tips: JNT-T.5A made of blue Acrylic blend plastic for decals and leathery sealant. JNT-T.5N made of orange glass filled Nylon for tougher sealants and FOD needs.

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