Tip insert designed to snap in to and out of handles JNT-BH-blk and JNT-BH-org (handles sold separately)


Starting Unit Price: $2.29
In Stock
Part Number:JNT-T.5N
  • Length:5"
  • Tips:1
  • Tip Width:1/2"
  • Thickness:3/16"
  • Plastic:Glass filled Nylon
  • Color:Orange
  • Part IDs:JNT-T.5N
Quantity Price Breaks
  • 5 - 245
  • $2.29
  • 250
  • $1.67
  • 500+
  • $1.47
We are the creator of a user-friendly handle and scraper tip product.
Our scraper tips are designed to conveniently snap in to our handles  JNT-BH-org and JNT-BH-blk.
Our JNT-T.5N scraper tip is made of quality orange glass filled Nylon plastic.  Nylon is more chemically resistant in using with solvents for scraping hardened sealant.
Our scraper is orange to assist in FOD needs.
This scraper tip measures 5” long with 1/2” wide tip.

Note: DO NOT use without our handle.
See our other 1/2” wide scraper tips: JNT-T.5A is made of blue Acrylic blend plastic for decals and leathery sealant. JNT-T.5C is made of red Celcon a more chemically resistant plastic when working with solvents.

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