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Part Number:JNT21102-org
  • Length:6"
  • Tips:1
  • Tip Width:3/4"
  • Thickness:3/16"
  • Plastic:Glass filled Nylon
  • Color:Orange
  • Part IDs:JNT21102-org

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Our JNT21102-org sealant scraper is made of quality orange glass filled Nylon plastic.  Designed with a double angle tip with rounded end for holding comfort.  Nylon is more chemically resistant in using with solvents for scraping hardened sealant.  This scraper measures 6” long, 3/4” wide, 3/16” thickness.  Our scraper is orange to assist in FOD needs.  This scraper is identified by its part number and color.

See our JNT411B60 made out of Boeing approved Celcon plastic for Alclad surfaces.
See also our JNT21102-blu made out of blue Acrylic blend plastic for decals and leathery sealant.
See also our JNT-SC designed to fit into the back of this scraper for holding comfort.
See also our Product kit JNT-K6S

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